Beer Brewing

Brewing your own beer

Nothing is better after a hard days work than to sit back and enjoy a hard-earned refreshing beer. The taste is even more satisfying when you have brewed it yourself!

Stick with us and we'll show you how!

The craft of home brewing has never been easier to achieve that ultimate in brewing satisfaction. With a small amount of equipment it is possible to make and enjoy a full bodied beer that you have crafted yourself.

The following is all the equipment required to get started - all items are available from the online store.

  • 28lt fermenter with a tap and airlock
  • Beer hydrometer
  • Trial Jar
  • Long mixing spoon
  • Heating pad
  • Twin lever capper
  • Crown seals
  • Beer kit of choice
  • 1kg Dextrose (brewing sugar)

Now you are ready to get started in the age old craft of Beer Brewing.

We have a large range of beer brewing equipment and beer kits in our online store.