Beer Brewing Secrets

Making Beer (brewing) has been going on for hundreds of years. It is easy today to make using kits available.

The equipment -

  • A large 30 litre fermenter with a tap
  • The Hydrometer for testing the beer
  • Trial jar for the beer sample for testing * Large mixing spoon or paddle (plastic) * Bottling valve which fits onto the tap
  • Capper & caps for glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles optional

Getting Started -

Sterilise all equipment thoroughly with a steriliser such as sodium metabisulphite prior to preparation.

Follow the instruction on the tin (beer of choice) adding the malt extract from the tin and Dextrose as directed in the recipe (usually 1x kilo) and add hot water to dissolve.

Add enough cold water to bring up to 23 litres in total.

Pitch the yeast and leave to sprout for 1 hour then stir in, cover and add the airlock.

Test with the hydrometer continually until it shows the same reading twice. the beer is now ready to bottle.

Using the bottling valve fill each bottle to 5cm from the top of the bottle, add sugar as directed in the recipe, cap tightly. Bottles should now be kept warm for another 7 - 10 days in which time a fermentation in the bottle takes place.

After the fermentation has taken place in the bottle it is now time to mature your beer before drinking and is the secret to making beer successfully. Leave for at least 2 months before drinking, 6 months would be preferable at which time you should have some excellent beer to be proud to say you made it yourself.

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