Make your own spirits and liqueurs

Home Distilling is one of the most enjoyable hobbies of the 21st Century.

It consists of five different operations:

  • the fermentation process to make the alcohol
  • the Distilling process to extract the alcohol
  • the cleaning process using specialised carbons
  • the Blending process to make the alcohol into your favourite drinks
  • the sampling and enjoyment.

We have available Aqua Vitae quality assured products for making your own alcohol, including Stills, Fermentation Packs, Carbons, Flavouring Blends.

The cost to make your own spirits... under NZ$4 per litre and each 25 litre fermentation will make approx 4.5 litres of 90% distilled spirit.

We have a large range of distilling equipment and flavours in our Online Store